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Leg stretching machines

Leg day at the gym can be a chore sometimes. Not only so these exercises demand more of you, but the day after the workout is always the worst. That being said, leg training is still a vital part of any exercise routine.

Leg StretcherAmong the multitude of gym equipment designed for leg workouts, leg stretching machines are an important addition for anyone looking to increase their flexibility and loosing their abductor muscles. These legs stretching machines help loose muscles around the groin and hamstring, making them perfect for martial artists looking for litheness in their body or simply seeking to improve their kicking height. These machines can also prove to be enormously useful for sprinters and runners who need to strengthen their hamstring and glute muscles. So without further ado, let us look at some of the best leg stretching machines available on the market and how they can benefit us:

Valor Fitness Leg Stretch Machine:

The Valor Fitness Leg Stretch Machine is great for dedicated individuals who want to tone their bodies for competitions, etc., and works perfectly well for people who just want to add a bit of lithe and flexibility to their frame. The machine comes broken into composite parts and can be easily assembled and used without too much of an issue. The design of the machine has been widely appreciated by a large number of users. This machine comes with a steering wheel mechanism that is designed to regulate the amount of stretch the user wants. The machine is designed to allow a stretch of up to 180 degrees. It means that it is a great buy for people who are engaged in taekwondo or ballet training. The seat of the machine can be adjusted according to the user’s requirements. Padded leg and seat support means that the user can comfortably engage in their exercise. There have been some complains that the Valor Fitness Machine does not come pre-assembled like most of its competing products, and that the parts of the machine tend to wear out soon. However, most of the customers have given positive reviews about this product. The Valor Fitness Leg Stretch Machine can be purchased for around $170.

TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher:

This leg stretching machine by TMAS has received rave reviews. Buyers have found this machine to be very well built, convenient to use and helpful in giving the legs some decent stretching. An important point that attracted the buyers was that this machine can pre-assembled at the time of delivery, thus absolving the buyers from the need to re-assemble the equipment from scratch. The TMAS has been highly praised for its functionality and sturdiness in the face of heavy use. The product is light and very mobile; it can be easily moved around the gym or the house, and if need be, rolled up and stored in closets. The seat and foot support of the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher comes fully padded to prevent discomfort during the exercise regimen. A self-lock wheel is fitted to allow an easy and injury-free stretch. A lock mechanism is also fitted into the machine so that the stretch position can be easily held. Some customers do complain about the plywood seating, which may be uncomfortable during long stretch sessions. They also complain that the feet support does not have enough foam padding. However, most reviewers have found the TMAS Pro Leg Stretcher to be a very good product, especially for people who want a high-end stretching machine. This product can be bought for around $210.

Tiger Deluxe Leg Stretcher:

This luxurious stretching machine by TMAS may be just the thing that improves your stretching quickly and efficiently. The customers highly appreciated the Deluxe Leg Stretcher since it came pre-assembled and in a very good condition. They found no reason to complain about creaky or damaged parts and packaging, and saved a lot of money on getting the product professionally assembled. The product is lightweight and can be easily carried around wherever it is needed. On top of that, it can be easily stored away after use. The Deluxe Leg Stretcher comes with its own adjustable back seat; customers were happy with this feature of the product, since it helped with hip and back pain during longer stretching periods. The padding on the machine is covered in vinyl leather, which made it an easy surface to clean and maintain. A rotating and detachable self-locking wheel is combined with steel gears to act as the movement mechanism for the machine. Some customers, however, complained that the padding in the seat and leg support was too thin for their liking; they had adjustment problems with their stretching position and said that a bit more padding would have made their exercise experience significantly better. It has also been noted that the price of the Tiger Deluxe Leg Stretcher was a bit too steep. That being said, from all the reviews online, as well as after looking at what the product has to offer, it seems that paying some extra money for a product as premium as the Tiger Deluxe Leg Stretcher would be a smart thing to do, if one wants productive exercise equipment. This product can be purchased for around $220.

If we begin a search for all possible options among leg stretching machines, we will come up against an endless number of options to choose from, not to mention the impossibility of making a sound and worthwhile purchase. This is why this article is limited to three options that have been described above. They cover a range of choices from high-end products that would be better suited for more dedicated individuals, to cheaper choices that will work well for individuals who want a more casual workout. However, whatever choice you make, the main point is that it should give you value for your money.