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Types of Back Stretching Machines and How They Work

There are many reasons due to which a back pain can occur, and the only viable solution that may come to you is to visit a chiropractor. The cost of this visit can be quite expensive and bear in mind that the pain will not go away in just one visit. That visit will be followed by a bunch of other appointments, which will eventually increase the cost of the treatment.

back stretching machine kitThere will be times that a person will be suggested back surgery to help with the pain. This surgery is not cheap either and besides, who likes to go to the hospital to get operated upon and spend a few days in a room?

One of the best solutions to this problem is decompression therapy. You can get this therapy done by a professional, but they will, again, charge you quite a lot. If you are on a budget and prefer getting the treatment done in the comfort of your home, you may want to consider getting a back stretching machine.

The machine can single-handedly eliminate your back pain after a few days. The cost of the device is not high; you can say it would be a quarter of the price of the surgery. However, if you want to go for a better machine by a better brand, then keep in mind that the price will go up according to the quality and brand.

You can find many people who will be willing to vouch for the use of the machine and the miracle relief that it gives to the back. You will not need to visit any professional or get an operation once you have this product and know how to use it. You will need to check up on a few types of stretches that you can perform with the help of this product and soon enough, you will feel a huge difference in your back.

Types of back stretching machines

Purchasing the right stretching machine can be a daunting task, especially if you do not know which one will be the best for your body. This is why you need to know a little about the main types of machines on the market so that when you go out to buy, you can find the one that is sure to help you with your back.

Inversion table
The name gives a hint about how the machine will work. Yes, it will invert you. You will be sitting/lying upside down while the table will hold your legs/feet tightly as you are tilted. This is the best machine to use if there is a problem with your spine, such as herniated or slipped discs. When you are hanging upside down, a lot of pressure will be taken off your spine. This table will be able to remove the unnecessary load on the vertebrate. It will also make sure that the spine resumes its natural form in a short time.

A study shows that this machine has had a different impact on different types of people. Those who suffered from chronic pain only felt some relief with the help of this product and had to continue their medication to get better. On the other hand, many people have witnessed complete elimination of back pain with the aid of this machine. It has helped by removing pressure off the spine every once in a while. Many people have also avoided back operations with the support of this machine.

Lumbar traction
A lumber traction is a simple device that is available in different forms. Some may seem to be very straightforward and padded, giving you just the relief you need, while others will be a little more complicated than that but will make sure that your back gets the best it deserves.

The way to use it is very simple; you just place the machine on the floor and lie down on it, making sure that the product is in the right place to support your spine. You may find that some devices come with various pumps and straps, which you can use to force your spine to get back to its original form. Lying down is necessary with this machine as it is the best way you will be able to apply some pressure on the back.

The twisted or slipped discs in your spine will automatically fall back into place once you start using this machine. Soon enough, your spine will be back in its original form and your pain will be gone as this device helps give your spine the space it needs to fall back into place.

Cervical traction
This type of machine is usually used when you have suffered a severe back injury or have undergone any situation due to which the vertebrate lost its natural curve. Though this machine will help your spine get back to its natural form, the process can be quite long.

If you are willing to use this type of device to overcome your back problem, keep in mind that you will need to make use of this machine every day. Recovery will also take time, but at the same time, you will witness a drastic decrease in headaches. It will also lower the chances of you undergoing surgery to help get your spine back in order.

How to choose the right device
If you have slipped discs or herniated ones, then the best machine that will work for you is the inversion table. It will help you get back into shape in no time. Although you will need to use it regularly for a few minutes, you will not need to do this every day. It is safe to say that this product is the machine of choice for people who want relief from back pain in the comfort of their home.

If you suffer from a more severe back pain caused by injury or abnormal curves, then the cervical traction will serve best. Lumbar traction is best to use if you witness lower back pain.