Stretch and Stay Fitstretching machine
Staying healthy is no easy task. You need to make permanent changes to your lifestyle, which include eating a balanced diet and exercising. While a proper diet certainly is integral to ensure that you remain healthy, exercising is the most efficient way to lose weight and lead a healthy life.

Importance of Daily Exercise

Exercising not only allows for protection against diseases, but it also leads to various mental and emotional health benefits. It boosts your level of happiness and ensures that you stay fresh so that you can appreciate the beauty that surrounds you. It enhances your mental health. By strengthening your perceived body image, exercising gives you the self-confidence you need.

Need for Stretching Machines

Amidst the umbrella term of exercise, there are various forms of physical exertion including running and stretching. While there are various stretching exercises you can do manually, stretching machines surely do help and yield better results.

Stretching devices are one of the many machines you need in your personal gyms. They provide you with various benefits and allow you to undertake different types of stretching exercises. There are various stretching devices available on the market that you can choose from. However, make sure you make the decision wisely after weighing different factors.

Main Health Benefits of a Stretching Machine

Using a stretching device allows you to enjoy the various benefits of stretching. While different manual exercises also provide similar benefits, using a tool ensures that your muscles are fully stretched and, therefore, leads to better results.

Here are some of the health benefits of stretching via a stretching machine.

Better Posture

Body language is as much, if not more, important than our other components of personality. A major sub-branch of body language is correct posture. A posture tells more about your personality than your words.

If you slouch, you are considered to be lazy or unprofessional, especially if you are giving a presentation. If you are too upright, you may be perceived as being uptight and unapproachable.

Therefore, having the correct posture is integral to maintain your image. Stretching on a stretching machine allows you to obtain the correct posture. It does so by increasing the length of your tight muscles and prevents your muscles from getting loose.

Moreover, when you take part in exercises that stretch your lower back, shoulder, and chest, your spine gets better aligned and it reduces aches and back pains, thereby improving your overall posture.

Enhanced Flexibility

Stretching via a machine improves your ability to flex your muscles and allows you to attain a better range of motions.

The lack of use of muscles renders them incapable of functioning to their real potential. During stretching exercises, your muscles get to experience a full range of motion which, in turn, allows you to perform the given movements with ease.

This ease in movements is brought about by the fact that once your body becomes accustomed to being stretched, it requires less energy to make similar moves. It also ensures that you don’t suffer from injuries or muscle pulls during your daily activities.

Higher Stamina

The increase in strength can yield various benefits. You can now hike across mountains and travel long distances without getting tired. You can appreciate the world around you more if you are not busy gasping for breath.

Stretching opens such exciting doors by increasing your stamina level. When you stretch, your muscles and tendons get looser which, in turn, decreases muscle fatigue. It also enhances blood flow to the entire body.

Since exercising entails burning off energy, getting tired is a natural bodily reaction. Stretching may be the only exercise that delays such fatigue. It is because with increased blood flow comes an increase in transportation and delivery of oxygen to various parts of the body. As your body is provided with sufficient oxygen to keep up with the need of a physically exerting body, your endurance level increases, leading to higher stamina.

Decrease in Stress

Keeping up with the hectic world we live in can be quite stressful, and finding a healthy balance between work and social life is not as easy as it once was. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that people nowadays are more prone to high levels of stress and depression.

Stretching combats such mental illnesses. Stress is known to reduce blood flow and cause an occurrence of knots and muscle tensions. However, stretching is the complete antithesis of such processes. It eases muscle knots and leads to high blood flow which combine to act as a stress reliever.

As more and more blood is pumped to your brain, you also experience an elevation in one’s mood. Such a feature allows the act of stretching to combat depression effectively.

Improvement in Energy Levels
If you are a student or have been one, you will know the torture of attending early morning classes. It is nearly impossible to stay awake. While some may attribute such a feeling to a messed up sleeping routine, others would know that it is a result of having less energy.

Even in other aspects of your life, you may find yourself getting tired in the middle of the day. Just using a stretching machine and stretching for a few minutes will help you experience a boost in energy. Such an exercise will allow your mind and body to be alert.

Furthermore, it helps you sleep better. When you sleep, you stay at a constant position for several hours which causes stiffness. Stretching helps you combat such stiffness. This improved sleeping allows for a healthy sleeping cycle, which rectifies the lethargic feeling you may experience.

Tips for Buying a Stretching Machine

Now that we have established the various health benefits that a stretching machine can provide, it is now easier to understand the importance of having a stretching device in your home gym.

Not everybody has enough time to go to a gym every day. Whether it is because of lack of a gym in proximity to one’s house or a hectic schedule, the bottom line is that while everyone vows to go to the gym every day, there are only a few who live up to this promise.

Therefore, it is crucial that you have a stretching machine in your house so as to enjoy its many health benefits.
However, you should not make the wrong decision of choosing the first device you set your eyes on. Making an informed purchasing decision is important. Here are a few things you should consider before making the decision.

Reasonable Cost

Just like any other product, the various stretching machines available on the market differ from one another regarding price. Such difference in cost arises due to variation in features being offered by different tools.
However, most such costs can be traced back to petty differences in features which have no apparent effect on quality of the product. Therefore, being a rational decision maker means choosing a product which performs all the essential functions at a reasonable price. If you feel that the added features of a given product will provide you with greater value, you may opt for such a product.

However, a basic stretching machine will be enough to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Choose according to how much you value cost-saving options.

Comfortable Padding

The key component you would be interacting with the most in a stretching machine is the sitting area. Since you will be spending most of the time sitting, you should make sure that the padding of the seat is enough to make your experience as comfortable as possible.

Make sure that the material of the padding is robust and durable enough to withstand constant use. If you don’t pay attention to the padding of the seat, then you will be stuck with an uncomfortable seat which will not last long. When buying the product, check out its specifications and ensure that the material of the padding is firm and durable.

Ease of Use

Not all machines are easy to operate. Some of them may be hard to grip, while others may be quite stiff. If a device is hard to use, the chances are that you will get discouraged easily.

Therefore, it is important to purchase a machine which is easy to use. Such devices allow you to be better accustomed to your limits and understand where you can push yourself to achieve greater strength.

Make sure the machine you choose is accompanied with a manual so that you have all the tools you need to understand how to use the machine. Don’t purchase a product which is not easy to operate.

High Durability

Stretching machines are not cheap. Even the lowest priced products take a huge chunk out of your wallet. Therefore, no rational customer would want to buy a machine which breaks in a few months or a year.

Hence, durability is one of the key factors to look for in a potential purchase. Make sure you choose a machine which is made out of premium quality material and, therefore, delivers high-quality performance for a long time without experiencing any breakdowns or damage.

The products that come with a warranty should be preferred since they can be repaired without any additional expenses in case the machine gets damaged. It is always a good method to peruse online reviews of a product and research the integrity of the materials used so as to make a better decision.

Popular Stretching Machine Exercises

The exercises you can do on a stretching machine depends on the type of device it is. Here are some of the activities you can partake in with the help of the various stretching devices available.

Full Body Exercises

A full body stretching machine can be used to perform various tasks including those targeting your hamstrings, quadriceps, hips, arms, calves, and upper and lower back. Such devices are highly multifunctional and allow you to stretch almost all of your muscles, thereby making it a cost-effective and popular choice for many.

Spine Exercises

A popular stretching exercise is one that involves your back. If you specifically want to stretch such a part of your body, you can use an inversion table to do so. In the exercise where you use an inversion table, your legs are held by the table and you hang upside down. Such an exercise allows your spine to transform back to its natural state. If you have a herniated disc or a bad posture, this exercise and machine will take you a long way.

Leg Exercises

A leg stretching device allows you to undertake rigorous leg exercises effectively. Such exertion allows you to avoid being vulnerable to accidents. Moreover, it ensures that you do not experience regular muscle pulls.

Hamstring Exercises

The daily workout which focuses on strengthening your hamstrings not only leads to a decrease in injuries, but it also allows you experience relief from back pain. Hamstring stretching machines make such exercises doable and fun with the help of soft pads and a model for correct exertion.


All in all, a stretching machine is a tool you should invest in. As much as you promise yourself that you will go to a gym every day of the year, the chances are that you might not. However, the benefits of exercising are too much to lose out on. Your health should be your priority.

Manufacturers of such equipment understand this need. Hence, they have provided you with a product which is affordable and ensures that you stay healthy without having to go to the gym every day.

There are various types of machines available. Make sure you pick one which best satisfies your need. Understand that the premium cost of the device is a one-time investment and will yield a greater value than the overall cost in the long haul.
Choose wisely. Exercise daily. Stay fit and be happy.